In Zen, a Koan is a paradoxical statement or question used as a meditation discipline with the intention to exhaust the analytic intellect and egoistic will, and entertain a response on the intuitive level. When it comes to my work that is my intention.

The world is a musical phenomenon. Good music never refers to anything except for the music itself. You don’t ask Mr. Bach of Ravi Shankar…“What do you mean by this music? What is it intended to express?” Bad music always expresses something other than itself, like the 1812 Overture or the Sunken Cathedral. Good music never talks about anything other than the music.

“Bach, what’s is your meaning?”

He say.

“Listen...that’s the meaning." 

Giraffes are giraffing, trees are treeing, clouds are couding, and rain is raining. ​ And if you don’t understand, listen again.